Winsoon Black Winter DOG Australia Booties Snow Boots Sneakers Shoes for Puppy XS Small Dogs

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We Suggest you choose a larger size than your measurement

Size: ( 1 inch = 2.54cm) ( compare dogs paw size as following)
  Inslole Boots Size           Wide                         Length
XS=1#    ( For puppy)                2.6cm  (1")                                3.2cm (1.2")
S=2#     ( For puppy)                  3.3cm  (1.2")                            4.1cm (1.6")
M=3#     ( For puppy)                  3.5cm  (1.3")                            4.5cm (1.7")
L=4#      ( For puppy)                  4.2cm  (1.6")                            4.8cm (1.8")
XL=5#     ( Not for large dog)     4.7cm  (1.7")                            5.3cm (2")

  • Size1# External Dimension: L = 1.77(in), W = 1.37(in) H =2.55(in) Insole Dimension: Length 1.26(in), Width 1.02(in)
  • Size2# External Dimension: L = 1.96(in), W = 1.57(in) H =2.75(in) Insole Dimension: Length 1.61(in), Width 1.30(in)
  • Size3# External Dimension: L = 2.16(in), W = 1.77(in) H =2.95(in) Insole Dimension: Length 1.77(in), Width 1.38(in)
  • Size4# External Dimension: L = 2.36(in), W = 1.96(in) H =3.14(in) Insole Dimension: Length 1.89(in), Width 1.65(in)
  • Size5# External Dimension: L = 2.55(in), W = 2.16(in) H =3.74(in) Insole Dimension: Length 2.09(in), Width 1.85(in)
    **Please focus on the size chart in the description and choose correct size!!! 
    The boots inside are added velvet, warm for dogs in winter 
    Rubber sole with anti-skid function, make your pet more secure 
    High quality raw material with fine craft, bring your dog special comfortable experience 

    Special shoes design for small and medium dog including Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshund, Poodle, Teddy, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Bichon Frise and similar size dogs. 

    Size available: 

    Size1# Insole: Length 1.26(in), Width 1.02(in) 

    Size2# Insole: Length 1.61(in), Width 1.30(in) 

    Size3# Insole: Length 1.77(in), Width 1.38(in) 

    Size4# Insole: Length 1.89(in), Width 1.65(in) 

    Size5# Insole: Length 2.09(in), Width 1.85(in) 

    Please allow 0.1 inches differs due to manual measurement. 
    Computer display or other reasons, if the color and look a little different in kind, please buyers understand that we try to do the best, thank you!

    Padding inside the shoes, please remove before use


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