WinSoon Long Expansion Bolt in Black 106.5mm by 13mm (4.20inch x 0.51inch)

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WinSoon Long Expansion Bolt in Black 106.5mm by 13mm (4.20inch x 0.51inch) Free Shipping!


WinSoon Hex Screws are used for directly fastening into wall surfaces. The hex head is six-sided and ideal for easy driving and quick installation. The threads on lag bolts are designed to embed into the wall (Not Into the Wood), rather than relying on a nut to secure the connection.

The length of a screw is measured from the underhead bearing surface to the tip of the screw.

1. The product is 4 Pack/8 Pack 106.5mm by 13mm Expansion Screws

2. Head Style: Hex, Hex head is easily driven with simple wrenches

3. Material: Metal

4. Made of steel, black finished

5. The expansion screw has simple structure and excellent expansion effect, and is easy to use.

  Used For

     Expansion Bolt by the screw and expansion tube and other components, the screw tail is conical, cone diameter is greater than the expansion tube diameter. When the nut is tightened, the screw moves outward and moves the conical portion by the axial movement of the thread, thereby forming a large positive pressure on the outer peripheral surface of the expansion tube, and the angle of the cone is small, so that the wall, And the formation of friction between the cone self-locking, and thus achieve a fixed effect    


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Package Included

One set: 4 Pack

Buy two sets(8 Pack) had preferential

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