YEFU Mop and Broom Holder Wall Mount-4 PCS, C-Shape Self Adhesive Anti-Slip Hook, Holds Up to 5 LBS, Broom Hanger Organizer Wall Mounted, Easy to Storage

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  Product UPC : 681013595006

【STRONG NOVEL NANO ADHESIVE, MORE LASTING AND STABLE】 Broom holder adopts novel nano adhesive, works on a variety of wall surfaces,stronger bearing capacity than other small hooks, bearing up to 5lbs, more lasting. If you follow the picture instructions strictly will give you a surprise, if it doesn’t achieve the effect we will replace or refund for free.

【EASY TO PICK & PLACE , NAIL FREE, FINISHED IN A FEW SECONDS】 Broom holder wall mount, adopts self-adhesive C-Type hook design. Hate the difficulty of pick-and-place of press type hook? Laborious? Worried about peel the wall? Come try this without drilling, finish installation in seconds. There is no need to press hard at all, because the force direction is different, very easy to put on and take off items, no worry to hurt your wall surface.

【SAVING SPACE, SELECT HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS】 The broom hanger wall mount, made of high-strength ABS. No deformation, it easy to organize nearly any space, Maximize house space utility, Suitable for conventional brooms and mops handles. Keeps everything organized and neat.( Please confirm the product size before buying).

【C-TYPE ANTI-SLIP BROOM HOLDER】 Broom hanger uses anti-slip silicone at the C-Type hanging place, which has greater friction force than the traditional broom holder wall mount and better grip on the tool. It won't slip even broom and hanger being stained with water, it is suit for attached to RV or wet bathrooms.

【Our after-sale service: solve your problem within 24h】If you have any questions about broom hanger, please contact us in this email: at any time. Each of our customer service is very friendly, they will help you until you are satisfied, and solve all problems for you within 24 hours.


We found that lots of broom hanger fall off, so we want to make a mop and broom holder that is not easy to fall off.

We upgrade the adhesive back and carefully study the installation method to make it very firm (please refer to the picture) everything is for your convenience.

Would you like to try the new broom holder? 180°flip, save more space. Maximize house space utility, not only a good helper for finishing, but more beautiful.

What the new style broom holder can do for you?

  1. Broom holder makes you an excellent home organizer, Keeps everything organized and neat.
  2. Broom holder wall mount adopts novel nano adhesive, Solve the problem of easy to fall off , bearing up to 5lbs. Waterproof, usually used in closet, kitchen, RV wall, bathroom, etc.
  3. Broom hanger wall mount adopts C-shape anti-slip design to better grasp the broom and mop. No need effort to press, won’t peel the wall.
  4. No drilling, finish installation in seconds.
  5. 180°flip, safer, avoid scratching your family as traditional protrude broom hanger clip do


Mop & broom holder—4PCS

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